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One of the easiest and fast growing method of commerce on a global scale is the use of electronic commerce on the internet today.

The internet is a global environment that is platform independent and easily accessible around the world. It allows every conceivable idea to be realized on this medium with very few hindrances. From basic information sites to complex interactive sites where transactions can be seamlessly conducted, anyone wishing to have a virtual presence can do so almost instantaneously. With newer and faster technologies such as broadband and Voice over IP, one can provide a wide range of service to their clients on the internet and without the use of traditional systems such as the telephone. This not only reduces the overall cost of ownership, it also cuts the time necessary to meet the projected deadlines for production. The virtual nature of this environment allows for a dynamic site which can instantly change as and when necessary. The generic term used today to identify this new evolution is known as e-business, while a more specific form of e-business where actual trading takes place online is known as e-commerce.

With e-commerce solutions, one can sell products online from start to finish at the click of a few buttons. Customers simply pay for services or items through a secure encrypted mode and delivery is executed at the programmed time after the sale. When a customer places an order from a website, it allows the merchant of the website to maintain and access the necessary information such as customer information, sale history, shipping status, accounts, personal profiles, taxes, etc.

There is no reason why your business should not use this technology to its full potential. It's easy, fast and reliable. e-Business today is by far the most progressive environment for trade. It is a vital resource to ensure business success for today and the future.


e-commerce cycle Planning and Design
Custom Integration
Support and Maintenance
Enhancements & Upgrades

e-commerce process Create your Website
Setup your Store
Secure Environment
Generate Traffic

As a Premier IBM Business Partner in e-Business solutions, Netsite is committed to providing extensive services in the development of sophisticated portals for Business to Business and Business to Consumer transactions. Using IBM's WebSphere Application Servers and development tools gives us the maximum flexibility and strength to design and support robust and highly scalable solutions to meet any needs in the industry. Combined with Intel and Cisco suite of hardware appliances to handle the toughest demands in throughput performance, our solutions provide successful results from start to finish.

To ensure security and high-bandwidth performance, Netsite provides comprehensive hosting services for virtual and dedicated sites and has had a 95% retention of customers for the past 9 years. We continue to serve at a high level especially on a long-term basis.

Our portfolio of clients continues to grow annually. For references, you may contact us via email at info@netsitecorp.com or call 724-NETSITE to speak to a Netsite representative.

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