Midtown Comics is one of the largest online comic retailers in the world. This site offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive subscription service to the comics buyer. It also provides an easy to use interface for placing and managing orders by both the users and the administrators. The commerce functions are seamlessly integrated with real-time credit card transactions which eliminates many tedious activities for administrators and allows them to focus on good customer service. Sophisticated methods such as template-driven category pages and integrated shipping and accounting processing have been designed to manage this complex site with minimal effort. Experience the site at... midtowncomics.com
Toys From the Attic is a world-renowned reseller of vintage musical instruments, high-end audio systems, and classic watches. This site functions to serve the online customers with interactive commerce using real-time credit card transactions along with the in-store point-of-sale as cash registers for their retail store. Selling one-of-a-kind items requires instant updates of the inventory to reflect each unique sale and to allow online customers to view the latest items available for sale. The easy-to-use interface makes management of the site and its inventory a very simple affair. Many complex methods have been integrated to fulfill the full sale cycle without double-entry of data. Visit at... tfta.com

Mystrollers.com sells baby products with a focus on strollers of all kinds. As a premier service etailer, this site ensures that the customers enjoy an easy checkout process while providing detailed information to customers regarding their purchases. The site is a full-featured system with customized options for customers to visit and view their transactions at anytime. Full order history as well as sophisticated order management for the users and administrators makes it a joy to use. Visit at... mystrollers.com
 Real Estate
Apartments 4 All is managed by the largest real estate & rental agency in Westchester County, NY. This site has over 30,000 properties for the lease market and it allows users to easily locate all available properties based on their search criteria. The agency maintains close relations with their online clients to enable them to complete the transactions with minimal effort. The administrators have a very easy-to-use yet complex set of tools to manage their properties and customer relations. The site also has a simple interface for property owners to manage their listings independently. In the fast evolving real estate market, giving such exposure to the public is a sure sign of success. Visit at... apartments4all.com

Jackson Hole Burgers is famous for their 7-oz burgers. With multiple locations in New York city, it has a large menu of food items for discriminating palates. The site is designed to provide a complex matrix of menu selections easily managed by restaurant managers. The visitors can view the menu of each location with their respective prices. Visit at... jacksonholeburgers.com
Deliver It Fast caters to the market of delivering packages the same day. With expedited transport services comes the demand for fast service and minimal errors when taking the orders. This business- to-business site eliminates many human errors and bottlenecks by allowing the customers to quickly and accurately place their orders online within 30 seconds. Customers can track their orders and get online reports 24 hours a day which further enhances overall satisfaction. Complex tools have been provided to allow the dispatcher to manage the completion of all orders with minimal effort, as well as integrated billing and payroll methods for easy accounting. A rich set of controls have been provided to manipulate pricing structures to suit each individual customer. Visit at... deliveritfast.com
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Our ability to successfully design custom applications based on our client's needs is one of our greatest assets.The wide range of industries we have served over the past many years is indicative of our commitment to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. We would be pleased to provide more references if needed. A few other examples noted here are as follows:
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Corrections Officers Assoc. Westchester wccoba.org

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