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Improve your business through our custom software solutions. Netsite offers multiple solutions tailored to meet your requirements by helping you:

  • better manage, organize and measure your business processes
  • improve your services / products
  • reduce and manage your current business expenses

It takes powerful applications to do any complex set of tasks. Web applications, client server applications, database applications, or any other type of application can be created by our software experts.

Our expertise in software development is wide and we tailor for various platforms to suit your needs. With increased focus on JAVA and .NET, our programmers are experienced in designing browser-based applications. With application services, clients can use their office resources anywhere on earth with the mobility never imagined before. This is the most essential and fundamental reason for such a rapid growth in this area.

Many years of experience developing scalable solutions ensures continued growth for our clients. Our team of software engineers are certified in many languages and we have successfully launched simple to complex enterprise projects in a timely manner.

C / C++ -

  • Visual C++

C and C++ is the choice language for most applications due to its speed and flexibility.

We also use Visual Basic for applications that are platform specific. Our experience has focused a lot on integration with existing legacy applications.

Java -
  • Java Beans
  • Visual Java
  • Visual Age for Java

JAVA is ideally suited for browser-based environments due to their non-discriminating nature of platform types. With servlets, the application is known to be most efficient and can execute at very fast speeds while serving thousands of users at a time.

Customized software solutions is our forte and we are confident with the results. To see our porfolio of applications developed to date, please contact our sales team.

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