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The most advanced phone system available today. Future proof architecture for tomorrow.

Artisoft's TeleVantage is a frexible, affordable software-based phone system that combines the power of your desktop computer with the most advanced communications technology available. With its intuitive graphical user interface and a robust feature set, you will be able to enhance customer service, increase productivity and improve your bottom line. TeleVantage gives you all the features you need plus unmatched ease of use and flexibility. Built on industry standards and supported by world-class lntel communications hardware, TeleVantage provides more value for your money than any other phone system, while safeguarding your investment for the future.
Televantage Infrastructure Flexibility
Because Artisoft’s TeleVantage has been developed using industry-standard interfaces, it affords maximum flexibility in connecting telephones, phone lines, data networks, network service providers, and the distributed parts of an enterprise at distant locations. Figure below shows how TeleVantage provides a very broad set of connectivity options.

Televantage supports the way your business works, communicates and grows.

Work Smarter.
An easy-to-use and administer Windows-based interface makes every member of your organization more productive. Televantage enables you to spend your time on business-building
objectives rather than administrative tasks. With TeleVantage, you have complete control over your
phone system and your time.

Enhance the customer experience. Your phone system is often the first interaction customers
have with your company. Let TeleVantage be your key to better customer relationships by managing all your interactions efficiently and professionally. lt's not just another phone system, it's a strategic asset that enables you to set yourself apart from the competition.

Control costs.
With TeleVantage, businesses have the flexibility to embrace new technologies and evolve their phone system at their own pace. There is no need to purchase expensive proprietary hardware or pay for extra features. You can easily expand the system without costly upgrades. And TeleVantage can easily integrate with other business applications without incurring major expenses or headaches.
  • lntelligent Call Management
  • Powerful Call Center Functionality
  • Advanced IP Telephony
  • Comprehensive Messaging
  • Graphical Desktop Call Control
  • Call Recording

  • Uses Windows 2000/NT Servers
  • Runs on industry-standard Intel Dialogic voice-processing hardware
  • Works with regular phones including H.323 IP Devices, CLASS, or ADSI feature phones
  • Complies with industry-standard APIs, including Microsoft COM and TAPI

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