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Apart from web design, software development, and database design, Netsite also provides hardware sales, services and support.
As authorized IBM, Intel, Citrix and HP dealers in providing complete solutions, we provide extensive service and support for installations and maintenance of all our product lines. Along with the latest in PC's, our inventory of servers and their respective peripherals are always available for fast shipment when orders are placed. Our service staff offers one of the best technical support in the industry. They are available on call at all times.

Hardware Platforms

Intel, Cisco & HP line of products provide the best overall solution for a stable and robust environment.

We are authorized to supply desktop and server platforms from IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Intel.

A key to every leading business office is speed and reliability of its servers. A scalable server is regarded as the best investment for a good return on investment and we only recommend the best. With careful planning and understanding of core requirements for each installation, we ensure a smooth execution from start to finish.

Desktops are the workhorses of networked environments today and the way they are configure will dictate how productive the whole system will be. It must be resilient enough to accommodate and fulfill all the needs of a user. Intel provides newer and faster Pentium processors to meet the high demands of larger disk sizes and more complex applications. Investing in a scalable solution will guarantee productive results. As suppliers of a wide range of such hardware, there are enough choices to select the best solutions at an affordable price.

LAN/WAN Hardware
A good LAN setup allows one to scale high throughput in a networked environment in order to provide a fast response to demands from the users. Proper planning of cables and equipment such as routers, switches, NIC and accelerators that meets your required standards are most important in the design and implementation of new and existing networks. Our sales and engineering department is routinely certified and are equipped to design the best systems for your needs.

Surveillance Systems
CCTV technology today enables high definition viewing as well as monitoring from remote locations at an affordable price. There are a variety of camera types to choose from depending on requirements. Our team of installers will seamlessly integrate into your existing environment with added security.

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